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Happy Hour: $1 Buck Youse Shuck every Friday on Select Oys! Every Wednesday is Buy One Get One 12 oz. bag of 21/25 Easy Peel Shrimp!


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American Unagi


Beanie Winter Hat


Caviar and Roe

From  $13.50

Class How To King Salmon Fillet


Class Knife Sharpening 101


Class Let’s Rap Seafood


Class Oyster Shucking 101


Class The Wonderful World Of Tinned Seafood.


Class Three Simple Sauces That Pair Well With Seafood


Crab Cakes


Farm Share Box


Fish Spatula


Fishtown Seafood Gift Card

From  $10.00

Freshwater Chinook Salmon Portion

From  $9.00

Grilling and Smoking

From  $4.00


From  $25.00

Keene Pottery

From  $12.00

Neptune Ocean Snacks


NYE Oysters Pre-Order

From  $10.00

Oyster Shucker

From  $12.00

Saint Lucifer


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