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Class Let’s Rap Seafood

What do you want to to know about seafood? Let’s rap is an open forum to discuss seafood, sustainability, quality and seafood supply chains. 

In this a discussion-based class with no formal agenda. Bring your questions about sustainability ratings and certifications like the MSC, BAP, ASC, FIPs, and Seafood Watch. Or ask about fresh vs. frozen seafood. We will only be able to discuss topics we have insight, expertise or opinions on, and please remember we don’t know everything! 

We will provide a Fishtown Seafood T-Shirt as part of this class. Sizes and colors options based on current availability.

We have all the essential items for preparing seafood at home. A 5% discount is offered on all sales made during this class. 

The class will be held at the shop located at 339 Belgrade Street.

Please note: Select pickup (not local delivery) when ordering.


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