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Beanie Winter Hat


Atlantis Headwear Rio - Sustainable Rib Knit 50/50 Recycled polyester/acrylic Narrow rib knit11'' knit with cuff. Product traceability via QR codeGlobal Sustainable Recycled Standard 


When you buy this hat, you are supporting a woman-owned and operated company based in our community. We worked with Boxed Sourcing on the design and the procurement of this hat 

When you wear this hat, you are not only helping our business grow, you are supporting other businesses based in our community.

About the company

Aware of the carbon footprint of our activities, we have started using raw and recycled materials from qualified sources.

We believe that the growth of our business must respect the rhythms of the planet and rely on a circular cradle-to-cradle approach.

We care about the future of the planet.Our company is committed to reducing waste and the use of natural resources in order to create a positive impact for people and the environment we live in.



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