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Whiteleg Shrimp 41/50 Shell Off


1 lb. Frozen 41/50 Shell Off


These shrimp are raised and processed to the European Organic standards. The EU Organic standard prohibits the use of antibiotics, GMO additives, preservatives, hormones or other chemicals. These shrimp from Costa Rica are the sweetest, best tasting farm-raised white shrimp you will ever taste.

Are you busy and want a fantastic dinner with limited prep and cook time? Then this is the shrimp for you. The shrimp are peeled, and once thawed, this product is ready to cook and eat without any additional prep needed!


Farm-raised in Costa Rica 


Aquaculture meets the EU Organic Standard


  • FDA Market - Shrimp
  • FDA Common - Whiteleg Shrimp
  • Latin Name - Litopenaeus vannamei 

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