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Tinned Small Mussels In Pickled Sauce Wixter


Small Mussels - 3.9 ounce tin of cooked Mussels in Pickled Sauce..


Harvested from the salty estuaries of the Galician coast, Wixter’s Small Mussels in Pickled Sauce are hand-packed in a smoky sauce made from oils, vinegar, and spices. Rich in B Vitamins and essential minerals, these mussels are a healthy and extremely sustainable source of protein. Try these plump, tender delicacies atop freshly toasted bread for a delightful crostini, right out of the tin with a squeeze of lemon, or as part of a celebratory frutti di mare feast.


Raised and processed in Spain.




  • FDA Market - Mussel
  • FDA Common - Mediterranean Mussel
  • Latin Name - Mytilus galloprovinialis

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