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Happy Hour: $1 Buck Youse Shuck every Friday on Select Oys! Every Wednesday is Buy One Get One 12 oz. bag of 21/25 Easy Peel Shrimp!

Surprise Bag

Surprise Bag

Our surprise bag is something fun and something unique, memorable, different, or just something fun we want to share with our customers! 

Sorry, refunds are not available. 

Current Surprise 

Available for pick up Wednesday, 12/7 between 1:00 and 5:30 pm. 

In this bag, you will get 4 items. Two items are parishable and like all of our chilled products they do not need consumed today but we do recommended eating as soon as possible. The two nonperishable items are great complements to seafood but can also be used on vegetables and meats. 

Limited availability of this surprise bag! And we will see you at the shop! 

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