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Saithe Portion


1 lb. avg. superfrozen at processing skinless boneless portion


Pollock, not to be confused Alaskan Pollock (or Walleye) from the Pacific Ocean.
This Pollock from the Atlantic is a great fish that is not often found at retail stores because the flesh can have a grey color. From searing, roasting to Fish & Chips this is a must try versatile white fish.

Are you worried about populations of wild fish? Well, you can eat this Pollock with confidence because 1) the population is above target level 2) Atlantic pollock is not overfished 3) Atlantic pollock is not subject to overfishing. Win, Win, Win. 


Caught and processed in the USA. Boat Captain and F/V named on package.




  • FDA Market - Pollock
  • FDA Common - Pollock
  • Latin Name - Pollachius virens

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