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Oysters, Clams, and Mussels Holiday Pre-Order

Pre-Order your oysters, Clams, and Mussels:

For our sales week of Thanksgiving. You can pick up your pre-order durning open hours from Saturday 11/20 to Wednesday 11/23. We will offer oysters, clams and mussels via pre-order. We highly recommend pre-ordering your oysters, clams and mussels to ensure you have the product as we will only stock a limited amount of product that is not part of the pre-order process. 


Oysters 6 count, 18 count, 100 count.

*Please note we each order will be for ONE (1) variety of oyster only. Meaning, if you purchase the 18 oyster option you will receive 18 oysters of just one variety. Due to the increased holiday volume we will NOT be able to accommodate our normal mix and match selections.We will have a scaled down selection of the highest quality oysters from Canada, New England, and New Jersey. 

When ordering please note if you prefer a NJ, New England, or Canadian oyster. We will fulfill your order based on this request. 


Little Neck Clams, 50 countt or 100 count

Cherrystone Clams 10 count or 50 count


Order by the bag 1 lb. avg. 

*Selection is subject to change

**not available for local delivery 

***sorry we can not refund pre-orders. If you can’t pick up, please make arrangements for a friend, neighbor, or family member to retrieve for you. 

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