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New England Groundfish Sampler


5 individual IVP packages of 1 lb. avg. Superfrozen at processing boneless portions. 


This is a bundle of the individual products and is not a 5 lb. single package. You can thaw just one pound package at any given time. With this 5 species sampler, you can experience for yourself the difference in taste and texture between these New England fish. All of the “flakey” white flesh are similar but  each are unique. White Hake is elegant, haddock is a Pennsylvania favorite, Saithe is versatile, and Halibut is meaty and mild. Cod, is the iconic king of the groundfish.


Caught and processed in the USA. Boat Captain and F/V named on package.




  • White Hake, Atlantic Halibut, Saithe (Pollock), Haddock, Atlantic Cod
  • See individual products for species FDA names.

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