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Northern Shortfin Squid Butterflied


Cleaned Squid - 1 lb. avg. superfrozen at processing cleaned and butterflied with tentacles.


This squid is jig caught and Ike Jime harvested. The tubes are cleaned but are butterflied, so you can’t do rings. However, this cleaning technique allows for other great ways present the squid beyond boring rings. This product is the Illex species and is more firm than the loligo species typically used for the frozen and breaded rings found at a restaurant.

This squid is chemical free and worth it. Your squid dish at The Feast Of Seven Fishes will be talked about for years!


Caught and processed in the USA. Boat Captain and F/V named on package.




  • FDA Market - Squid or Calamari
  • FDA Common - Shortfin Squid
  • Latin Name - Illex illecebrosus

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