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Class How To King Salmon Fillet

How to pin bone and cut our King salmon fillet.

In this instructional class, you will learn how to remove pin bones, portion, and we will discuss techniques for preparing our Freshwater farm-raised New Zealand, King Salmon. We will explain why this sashimi-grade King Salmon is unique in flavor and texture. There will also be a live demo on how to remove pin bones and portion the fillet into belly, top loin and tail portions. You will learn the best fish parts to use for sushi/sashimi, poke, grilling, searing, roasting, and grilling. 

There will not be a tasting of the product. But you will receive a full nearly 2 lb. frozen fillet from taking home with you! Join us and learn chefs' secrets to fabricating a salmon fillet.

We have all the essential items for cooking this product or making sushi and sashimi at home. A 5% discount is offered on all sales made during this class. 

The class will be held at the shop located at 339 Belgrade Street.

Please note: Select pickup (not local delivery) when ordering.


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