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Canned Albacore With Salt


 6 oz. Canned American Tuna Albacore With Salt


Did you see $6.99 and think wow, that is expensive for canned tuna? Well, it is not expensive when you consider that slave labor and "depleting" the Oceans are not a concern when eating this product. 

American Tuna is 100% Traceability for every albacore harvested, meaning the final canned and labelled product can be traced back to the American vessel that caught it! This tuna is caught in the MSC certified American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) fishery in the North Pacific Ocean usingw low impact one-by-one fishing methods – pole & line and troll. Packed by Hand in Oregon and Washington State, in cans free of BPA. Caught and processed in America. Eat this canned tuna guilt free.


Caught and processed in the USA. Traceable back to Captain and F/V.




  • FDA Market -  Tuna (*)
  • FDA Common - Albacore
  • Latin Name - Thunnus alalunga

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