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Haddock Portion


1 lb. avg. superfrozen at processing skinless, boneless portion


Haddock is a flakey white fish, but it also has a firm texture. To create balance in a Haddock dish, pair it with something firm like caramelized carrots or brussels sprouts. It can be used for fish & chips, but due to its lower fat content than other New England Groundfish, it works best baked or pan-seared with brown butter. 

Do you want your food dollar spend to have a positive impact on the environment and domestic economy? If so, this is the fish for you. Less than 8% of the New England Haddock quota is caught each year. The market is now flooded with imported Haddock from Iceland.  Our domestic Haddock is caught and landed by New England boats, and your purchase of this fish has a significant impact on New England coastal economies. 


Caught and processed in the USA. Boat Captain and F/V named on package.




  • FDA Market - Haddock
  • FDA Common - Haddock
  • Latin Name - Melanogrammus aeglefinus

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